Watch Mazinger Z: Infinity… NOW!

I know, this is five years old, and chances are that if you are a Mazin fan you’ve already seen this. I’ve been a fan since the old days of Tranzor Z in the 1980s. I had seen manga and anime magazines with Mazin material, and my closest point of recognition was that it was related to Great Mazinger, the Shogun Warrior (a.k.a. Jumbo Machinder). There are a few overly bishōjo moments with some female characters, but that’s par for the Go Nagai course. This movie is a great watch if you are a fan of the Super Robot genre of the 1970s, heck… if not then you may just become a fan from watching this.

劇場版 マジンガーZ

Mazinger Z: Infinity (劇場版 マジンガーZ / INFINITY, Gekijōban Majingā Zetto / Infiniti) is a 2017 Japanese animated super robot film directed by Junji Shimizu. It serves as a sequel to the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger anime series. Taking place 10 years after the original series, ignoring the events of the subsequent series, Grendizer. The film was produced to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the original Mazinger Z.

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