Data Bits: 23 DEC 2022 / Internet Tech / Doctor Strange / Ghost Busters / Bad Batch

Scientists Set a New Internet Speed Record with an Optical Chip

With an aging infrastructure, I am not sure what this can mean for the working class out there.

Even Doctor Strange Couldn’t Stop Marvel’s Strongest Entity From Ruining New Years

Roy Thomas and Gene Colan were a great team when it came to keeping Doctor Strange, well… strange.

My Ghost Busters was not as good as the 1984 version, but damn it all… they had a gorilla wearing a beanie. I mean, come on! You can’t beat that. Can you? I dunno. If given a choice, I’d watch the 1984 movie but I still love this show 🙂

Finally, we have the schedule for the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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