Data Bits: 22 December 2022

Data Bits are news items of interest to us. We used to share these types of stories on our linked social media accounts. Since November 2022, we have left Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. This allowed us to work on this site more, be annoyed far less, and have time left over to read, art and play. We still are active on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. That’s it. The downside is that sharing fun bits of news are a little more difficult, so this is an evolving, sometimes daily series of fun stuff, the sort of things we always loved to share.

Charlie Cox Has Disappointing News for Fans of Netflix’s Broody, Bloody ‘Daredevil’

I loved the first season of Daredevil on Netflix! It was a breath of fresh air. The chemistry between the characters the grim and grittiness of the world, it was all very Daredevil. The next two seasons were not as good for me, but they had some great stand out character additions and moments that kept me coming back for more. Personally, I am more than good with the new direction. Things don’t have to be so harshly PTSD inducing to tell a great story. As long as they bring back the supporting cast, I will be on Hell’s Kitchen cloud-nine.

Yeah… still not going back. I am Twitter and Facebook free, and I intend to remain so.

Now for a bit of poster appreciation. Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack poster is a wonderful work of art. This was a movie that Universal put out after the first theatrical release of the first three-episode arc. This was the next three episodes, and it was still in theaters up to 1983. Some parts of the post are far superior than others. The top half is so wonderful, while the bottom is so generic, only Adama is rendered well enough to recognize. I credit Battlestar Collectica for educating me on this poster.

More Art…

Classic holiday humor 🙂

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