Gigan 50 Project: The Fiftieth Anniversary of Gigan

Fabulous Gigan, being Fabulous!

A fun photoshoot of a Gigan v/s Godzilla battle. Read more about it on the Hobby Japan website: Gigan has changed its design and appeared in Godzilla works multiple times, but with the support of many fans through the crowdfunding “Gigan Suit Launch Project”, it was decided to revive the “original” Gigan suit as a motif. The suit was produced by the staff of Monsters, led by Shinichi Wakasa, who has molded many monsters, including Godzilla in the five Millennium series. Based on the materials of the first Gigan, designed by Takayoshi Mizuki and modeled by Nobuyuki Yasumaru, it has been revived to the present day with the image of that time intact. (read more)

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