Data Bits: 16 December 2022

Data Bits are news items of interest to us. We used to share these types of stories on our linked social media accounts. Since November 2022, we have left Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. This allowed us to work on this site more, be annoyed far less, and have time left over to read, art and play. We still are active on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. That’s it. The downside is that sharing fun bits of news are a little more difficult, so this is an evolving, sometimes daily series of fun stuff, the sort of things we always loved to share.


I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about Adam Warlock. I’ve been reading Marvel comics since the 70s but the cosmic stuff never really piqued my interest. The Guardians of the Galaxy series from the early nineties got me into the future based stories for a time. The Infinity Gauntlet series never really demanded my attention either, perhaps I could revisit that series and get into it now. The cool thing about overlooking a series, character or concept, is that one can always catch up at any point along the way. Anyhow, this looks interesting, and I may have to check it out.

You know… Comixology was fine before Amazon incorporated it into their system.

REPORT: James Cameron Has an Epic Cut of β€˜Avatar 3’ in the Can

I’ve watched Avatar, once. Only once, with no desire to watch it again. I guess I thought it was “fine”. Not great, just “fine”. There are no scenes that I can recall that stood out to me. In fact, I barely remember having seen it. Now, I am not attempting to disparage Mr. Cameron’s work. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his work, but Avatar isn’t for me. Heck, every time I hear Avatar, I think of Ang struggling against the Fire Nation. Currently I have no interest in watching the sequel, let alone a third film.

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