Data Bits: 15 December 2022

DataBits are news items of interest that you may have missed in your busy day.

Comic Icon GEORGE PEREZ Tributed Once More on The EXP

George deserves to be tributed every day of the year. His art is his legacy and always brings a smile to my face.

Ben Affleck to Direct a New Project at DC Studios

Ben is a very competent director, so this is a no brainer. I know that he was a fan of the comic book genre, but how will that translate to his style along with his experience in the films. Both positive and negative, how will those experiences influence his work? Ben seems to be the one to come forward with a desire to direct a project for DC, and James Gunn wants him to. We’ll see where this goes.


Not a surprise. A new DP film is in the works and, like it or not, Rob is one of the main driving forces behind the character. Rob’s older art has a hit and miss quality with me. He’s improved a lot since those early days of X-Force, and I am a fan. I’ve enjoyed watching his work improve, and while he’s made some missteps along the way, he’s come out on the better side of things. Like most new books, I’ll check it out… we’ll see if it is something that I keep coming back for. The fact that it’s a five issue ltd series, is a big selling point for me.

Wonder Woman 3 Director Patty Jenkins Sets the Record Straight About Unexpected Cancellation

For me, WW84 was underwhelming. There were things that I liked, and things that I didn’t. I was hoping for something a bit more from Patty from the third installment of the franchise. With all that is going on at the WB / DC studio, I am guessing that there is going to be a hard reboot of the entire roster of characters. That would include Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Maybe?

Now onto a subject that I thoroughly enjoy, vintage Kenner Star Wars. This time, Michael French of RetroBlasting, talks up Stan Solo and Trash Compactor’s new offering of old-style goodies. Michael is right on in his assessment of Stan Solo’s ability to capture the wonderful magic of Kenner’s simplistic designs without going overboard the way Hasbro does. My sweet spot is pre-Empire, wild west days of the Galaxy Far, Far Away… and this stuff hits my sweet spot. The two winners for me are the Imperial Snitch and the Speeder.

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