Women of Sci-Fi Wednesday: Ark II’s Ruth

I want to close out this Women of Sci-Fi Wednesday limited series with my first hard-core crush, Jean Marie Hon. She played Ruth on Ark II, a live action show set in the future that was produced by the legendary production company, Filmation. It was the Bicentennial, and I was a budding six-year-old with an unashamed eye for the ladies. Ruth caught my attention, and I knew that she was the One. She was calm in a dangerous situation, she had a talking chimpanzee as a friend, and a cool ride. Yep, I was twitterpated. The next year, she could be found on the bridge of the Citation, in Man From Atlantis. I still think she’s cute as a button, and she has a place in the making of this Geek’s personal story πŸ₯°

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