Data Bits: 14 December 2022

Today, we are attempting something new. Data Bits will be a bit of cometary on some news items that we find to be of interest. Since we’ve pulled out of social media, there hasn’t been a good way to share news and thoughts in a short format other that making an individual post. I am limiting my gathering sources to those sites that support carded links for the pure aesthetic of the post, along with interesting content… of course.

Interesting article. I dig Toku, but I am not sure how far into the weeds I want to get. I am positive that this course is for a lot of Tokusatsu fans out there who are wanting to get into the business. It will be interesting to see more homebrew Toku projects out there that are not Japanese in origin pop up.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Who was this show for? For the original fans? No way… you couldn’t get away with what was in the comics on any streaming service these days. It wasn’t pornographic but it wasn’t family friendly either. A lot of cleavage and thighs going on in those books. I started watching the show and went into about five or six episodes, but I have not gone back to watch more. It doesn’t have the pull that titles like The Witcher or Wednesday had on me. Perhaps if it were its own thing and not tied to an obscure Arctic Press title from the nineties, it would have fared better.

Great news for fans of Ultraman here in the United States. Not that anything would get me back into a theater. Pay-per-view streaming would be the best way to release this. It’s already out there for people to find on the web, so why not capitalize on that fact by streaming it for a rental fee. I would rent it, just to support the company and upcoming projects.

In other news, Musk continues to ban accounts that he doesn’t like. Transparency and Free Speech crusader, indeed.

I wonder how long it will take them to produce the second season. Honestly, they should have already been in production of the second season before the first aired its second week’s episode.

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