Two Weeks On: Less is More

Never have I been this stoked about having less.

I only have TWO social media accounts now, on LinkedIn and on Instagram. I am early adopter type, and I’ve been onboard for sites such as the book of faces and the doom scroller of twits. After well over a decade on many of these sites I have finally cut ties.

I was concerned with how it will affect my marketing of my digital art and apparel design work. I check the analytics and found that the time I was putting into the social media sites was negligible and were actually giving me diminishing returns.

While I did try things such as Mastodon and even Hive, moving to another platform would just be another temporary fix to the underlying issues inherent in the social media sphere. For me, it’s a time thief, a place where negativity is rewarded by the algorithm, and where irony goes to die. Not to mention a playground for tech-bros to act like they are more than they actually are.

Trust me, this was a stressful decision and one I didn’t make lightly. This is my choice, and I stand by it.


  1. That’s a great decision that you made. I deleted Twitter a long time ago and Instagram has been my only active social account. Social media sites are a time suck and it isn’t worth it to invest time to train an algorithm that has so many diminishing returns as the byproduct.

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