And The Dial of Destiny

My first thought was that Harison Ford is “too old for this shit”, then came the suspension of my disbelief. The magic was there. The voice of John Rhys-Davies was a wonderfully warm blanket that instantly wrapped me in a cozy feeling of childhood. I am one of the few people that I know who got what “Crystal Skull” was, and who also enjoyed it. For more on my thoughts on that see my post Why Indiana Jones 4 was Actually Awesome. There is a lot to unpack in this trailer, but I’ll let you do that for yourself. It took me back to my youth when we returned from the Drive-In theater and tracing a picture of Han Solo from an Empire Strikes Back coloring book that I had and making the piece into Indiana Jones.

I had planned on also posting about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer today, but honestly this far outshined that trailer. I kind of wished that I saw it first, as it stands the GotG trailer was pretty underwhelming.

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