Why We’re Done With Social Media

So, it’s been a long time coming… I don’t really enjoy social media. Let me get a bit more granular with that. I still dig Instagram because I love following artists and sharing what I create. It’s pretty cut and dry. Rarely do I see any annoying garbage on that platform, it just isn’t a troll friendly platform. Spammers, sure, but I keyword block most of those out of my feed. No, I am mainly speaking of Twitter and Facebook. Both of which I’ve been on for well over a decade. I’ve grown tired of the misinformation, the hatred, and I really dislike billionaires and how little they do for society. I’ve tracked my site metrics and the work I’ve been putting into Twitter and Facebook garner very little returns. Honestly, I get more interaction from LinkedIn… LINKEDIN.

I’ve uncoupled Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest from the site. I’ll no longer be sharing interesting stories I find to Twitter, just so they populate my linked feed block here on my WordPress powered site. If I have something to share, I’ll make a blog entry about it. The upside will be that I will be choosier about what I share, and this will allow me to have more time for other things that actually matter. Honestly, I am pretty stoked about this move.

Is Social Media bad? No, it just matters what you do with it. How you choose to engage in anything pretty much determines if it is positive or negative. For what I was using Social Media for, the advantages were minimal, and being a pretty progressive person sometimes the engagements were a bit heated when I was just there to share content or ideas. It was an ongoing process of diminishing returns. In the end, it was a tough decision, but I am not actually leaving, I am just ignoring what’s there. My accounts remain, but I am off to better things… like making art, designing apparel graphics and blogging about the nerdiest things I can think of.

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