ULTRAMAN SUIT プラモデルコンテスト2021

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The ULTRAMAN SUIT Plastic Model Contest 2021 has finally begun! So, this time, we interviewed one of the judges, Mr. Tatsuomi Hamada! In this judging, we asked him about his thoughts on ULTRAMAN and his commitment to seeing the sculpture.

The Ultraman Suit genre seems to be a growing one. More characters are being added, and that seems to be propelled by maker contests such as this one. This is an interesting read. If you don’t read Japanese, the built-in translation app in your browser will have you covered. The Suits are very modern-day Iron-man’esque but with a very Ultraman feel and a heavy Japanese sensibility. This design aesthetic took me a few minutes of watching the CG anime on Netflix to warm up to, but the story was engrossing, and the logic of the suits made perfect sense. I am actually getting the model kit version of Zoffy from Entertainment Earth in the mail soon… I had some credit built up from my affiliate sales. I will decide if I am going to assemble it, resell it, or use it as a give-away prize on the site.

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