First Impressions: Kamen Rider Black Sun

Kamen Rider Black Sun is out now, on Amazon Prime. While this is something I was looking forward to watching, my excitement had waned a bit since I first saw the news about the show last Spring. So much so that when I finally navigated into the Aamzon Prime streaming service and saw the run time of over forty minutes I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t know if I wanted to get into anything that long for the time of night it had been. Nevertheless, I soldiered on, hoping that it would have a few moments of entertainment when the Riders came out to play.

The show instantly grabbed my attention, and there were so many parallels between the political views and opposing camps, plus the behind-the-scenes dealings that I was enthralled. So much so that as soon as the end credits rolled, I had to check the time to see if the run-time was correct. It felt like ten minutes at most. This show is worth a watch for any old-school Rider fan. There’s no toy or card collecting games being sold here. It’s Showa Era action, and the drama is well written enough to keep anyone interested.

At this point I am only four episodes into the season, but I cannot see it going pear-shaped. It has a solid set up, and plenty of intrigue. Normally I spread my content out but this one is a daily watcher. Watch Kamen Rider Black Sun now on Amazon Prime 🦗


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