Bat Nipples! Schumacher’s Batman & Robin.

So, I love to listen to Kevin Smith wax on about Batman. His podcast, FatMan on Batman, is hilarious and educational. Well, educational in the sense that you learn more about what goes into producing Comics, TV and Film. It isn’t always 100% about the Bat but it is 100% entertaining. Way before they went to a paywall platform, I had downloaded the entire run of the show up until the format changed. Having done that, I get to relisten to it while I putter around town.

Kev and Marc Bernardin have this two-part commentary on “Batman & Robin” (1997) where they just shred the whole film in the most hilarious way possible. They couldn’t deny that Schumacher’s adaptations of the subject matter are more entertaining than Batman 89 and Batman Returns gave us. No matter how campy the Shumacher films can be, we can all agree that there is a lot to look at and be entertained by. Whether you like to laugh, crack jokes, or you genuinely enjoy the over-the-top action… the Bat-Nipples flick has something for you

My biggest question is why didn’t Bat Girl have a nipple-tastic outfit too???

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