The Great Jonny Quest Documentary

I am watching this right now. The beginning is a bit silent, and I am not a fan of the font they use, but tough it out and be both entertained and educated. Watch as the early days of animation specifically created to be televised unfold before you. I wrote this show off a long while ago as just another cartoon mill shows, but there is something special about it and I am going to dust off my copies and rewatch them.

We I first saw Jonny Quest, the show had been off the air for some time. I would place it around the late 70’s. It was a staple of Sunday viewing for a long time. Religion never played a big part in my life so Sunday morning cartoons were a must for me. It’s where I was exposed to such shows as George of the Jungle, King Kong, The Banana Splits (which was apparently a favorite of mine before I could speak), along with Jonny Quest.

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