My Top 15 What-if! [X Artist] Created Ultraman & Kamen Rider Kaiju?


These are my Top Fifteen favorite results from my recent Ai Art series. The prompt was the same for each, only substituting the artist’s name. This was an experiment to create a baseline for DallE2 to test what it could do. Some of the results were incredible, while others were quite disappointing. The Art Nouveau artist, Mucha, really was the most incredible and made the while project worth the time.

AI may be seen as a threat to artists, but I choose to see it as yet another tool in our art supplies. It gives us something to build upon or be inspired by.

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  1. Bravo, it was an excellent series you made and good concept.
    I agree we should view it as an extra tool in our box of art tricks, although there could be some issues for commissioned artists being made redundant as some publishers will (and already have) choose to DIY.
    I had a lot of fun using the basic DallE model to create images for poems and stories. Some were excellent, others just disturbing lol. But briliant technonogly, that can only get better.

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