🔱Trident: 🌊Underseas Defense Team🧜‍♂️

In the Multiverse, there are team ups that would make lawyers of the prime earth plotz. This is one such team up. The Creature, Aquaman and Namor, the Submariner unite to protect the oceans and waterways of their planet, Earth-779. Along with other heroes, such as Triton of the Inhumans, Mera & Namora of Atlantis, Marc Harris of parts unknown, and both Manta & Moray, the heroes battle those who would seek to damage their world in the unbridled race for endless profits. The constant assault from the surface world caused Triton to become more proactive by using Atlantean technology to melt the polar icecaps, thus increasing their united kingdoms and causing the surface dwellers to become subjects to those kingdoms. Some humans opt to become augmented to survive on the ocean floor, others choose to stay above water, and there are a handful of those who seek to fight to return to the way things were, even though the world had changed for the better.

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