Fantastic Four Cover Homage & The Cover’s Possible Origin?

I went down the rabbit hole of cover homages to the first appearance of Marvel’s first family, Fantastic Four No. 1 (1961), by Jack Kirby. It was a fun romp full of exciting takes on the cover’s composition. There were many fan made homages to wade through, but I wanted to only include industry printed covers. I would say that John Byrne is the biggest fan of the cover, judging by how many homages he has rendered.

I was really hoping that DC would have done at least one homage to this cover but… wait, hold on… I may have found one…

So, yeah… I feel like this cover, featuring the first appearance of the Justic League of America is the origin to Jack’s Fantastic Four cover. It’s no wonder, since Atlas publisher Martin Goodman mentioned the team-up book to Stan Lee.


  1. There’s certainly a case to be made about Starro, though the origin of a lot of comic ideas were pretty fluid in terms of who came up with what back then. Great artists steal, I guess? Sincerest form of flattery? I don’t know. Thanks for sharing these great covers!

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