AI Artistry

Coming up this week, probably Wednesday, I will be posting a series of pieces that were done by the AI known as “DALL-E”. I also signed up for “Midjourney” but by the time I become comfortable with the platform I was out of “credits” and needed a subscription. DALL-E is really a nicer option. Plus, you get 15 credits a month after you exhaust your original 200. I ran the AI through its paces and was shocked at the results a few times. One gob smacked me… I was floored. At first, I had the thought of “why am I even here, on this planet?” Then I flipped the script and decided to look at everything being presented from my prompts as a point of inspiration, a tool to help me on my own art journey.


Midjourney has some better results but the method of getting to those results is cumbersome. Dall-E requires some more detailed prompts, but when you dial that in, it becomes a powerhouse. I’ve answered the question about what AI Art means for me and my chosen path, now the industries that utilize visual media as a method of marketing need to figure out what it means to them. AI isn’t going to prevent me from doing my art, it’s my expression of me… nothing else can express me but me 😉

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