Best Trailer Drops from SDCC

Wonderful VW rendering by Christina Booth

So, there’s a lot to unpack from this San Deigo Comic Con of 2022. Unlike the past, I wasn’t hanging on every live stream, or report from the big blogger sites, but I just took things as they came. The pandemic has changed how I process everything. These trailers are pretty exciting, but I waited to comment on them, so I had time to digest them. If you are new here, I am not the bleeding edge of nerd news, nor do I care to be. Along with news about Daredevil and X-Men ’97, we got confirmation that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds would be making a return. The toy news is your normal fair, nostalgia reigns supreme through re-issuing old toys, or updating old toys, or reimagining of old toys; not that I have a problem with that. The most exciting toy I saw was a Macross Valkyrie / Robotech Veritech in Battroid mode as a 24″ Shogun Warrior. I neither have the money nor the room for such a piece, but I LOVE the fact that this will exist.

Now… on to the trailers. These are in no particular order. I enjoyed them all. I will say that I am looking forward to the projects that seem to be more about fun than the more serious ones. I can see The Rings of Power becoming a bit burdensome, whereas She-Hulk will be something that I actually look forward to from week to week just like Ms. Marvel.

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