The Crisis on CW Earths

Here at the Quantum Continuum, Mrs. Multiverse and I are re-watching the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the CW Arrowverse cross-over event that originally aired in 2019. Getting the obvious out of the way… it’s nothing like the Crisis of 1985. I was fifteen when that limited series was released and felt so big. The writing and art were top-notch, being done by team of Wolfman and Pรฉrez. The Giordano inks we fine, but the coloring was horrible. Not to crap on Tony Tollin, but the coloring makes the story a hard read now. It’s very muddy and heavy handed… I attribute that to the printing method they used. This could have easily been a Deluxe format set of books, but they chose the normal route.

I digress. For what it is, the CW Crisis is epic, fun, and crazy. There are plenty of Easter Eggs and cameos to keep a nerd happy. I love a good team up tale, and one that ranges over several episodes as well as multiple series is my happy place. The older I get the less I nerd-pick over minor details that have been changed for very little reason. As a matter of fact, the only time I get irked is when characters take actions that are far outside their established parameters.

By the time this gets posted, we’ll have finished the story on Netflix. We had to look elsewhere for Batwoman, but that was easily solved. As the CW Arrowverse ends as we know it, we are rediscovering all that it had to offer. Once we finish with the closure of Oliver’s passing, we will be watching all new shows, since that is where we dropped out of watching them all. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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