G.I. Joe: The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb

 I had this record and book set, plus a few secondhand pieces to this G.I. Joe Adventure Team set. Good times. I dig how the uploader added some limited animation in a very Marvel Superheroes way. Before home video, ruling out projectors that most of us didn’t have, this was the only game in town. OK, sure there was the View-Master too.


  1. I had this book and record as a kid and still do. Every time I hear this or even see images from it, fond memories appear. Oh, the hours as a kid playing this record over-and-over again. I had a G.I. Joe figure and really wanted the Mummy’s Tomb playset. Sigh… long before the days of “Yo, Joe!”

    1. I was just rearranging my stuff and found my copy of the book and record set. Glad I kept it. I had the ATV, my favorite of all the Adventure Team vehicles, but the size made it impossible to keep in our little trailer.

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