Revisiting Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire is unique as far as animated offerings from the house of the mouse. It has many of the common tropes of other Disney fantasy films but this one lacks the one thing that the others have in spades… musical numbers. The other Princess style movies are all musicals, whereas this one is not. This is something that I appreciate to no end. Don’t get me wrong, I dig a great toe-tapping number, but I also enjoy a decent alternate history period piece packed with adventure. The designs are wonderful as are the visual effects. I’ve only seen this this film twice, but the story stuck with me enough to where I would place it in the top one hundred of Disney projects.

It’s been years since I’ve watched this film. For some reason it doesn’t seem to get the same love as other Disney production. I loved the Steampunk aesthetic of the movie, along with the traditional animation mixed with computer generated elements. Many well-known voices lend their talent to this adventure, such as Jim Varney, Florence Stanley, James Garner, and the great Leonard Nimoy.

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