Larry Storch, the First Animated Joker

Larry Storch, the First Animated Joker – by Doc – 8 July 2022

I didn’t want to let the passing of Larry Storch, who’s IMDB list stretched from 1951 through 2010, go by without mentioning his involvement in the history of Batman. He played the Joker on Filmation’s Batman/Superman Hour (1968-1969). My first recollection of Larry is in F-Troop which I watched in re-runs when I was three and four. I also remember him fondly in the Ghost Busters television series from the 1970s. There are other roles that he was well known for, but I really enjoy his guest-star appearances throughout the 60s and 70s programs.

Thanks for everything, Larry! You lived a long life and made me smile every time you showed up. Rest well, sir.


  1. A very good friend of mine told me about Larry Storch’s passing on that day. Needless to say, this one hit. Mr. Storch was a part of my childhood as he was for many around my age group. I know that Filmation is owned by Warner Bros. now, but I had always hoped for a brief but serious speaking cameo role from Mr. Storch in a current Ghostbusters movie as Spencer. Not outright saying that the worlds are connected, but scripting it in a non-campy way that would imply that it could be and leaving it up to the audience to decide. It would have been a wonderful tribute to the Ghost Busters series. Alas… it’ll never be.

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