Premier Podcast: The Proper Obsession of Pod Stallions

My friends, bear with me as I wax poetic about a podcast that saw me through many an hour of being locked in a day cage, re: cubicle. Pod Stallions. I’ve listed to episodes over and over. It’s as if Brian, of Plaid Stallions, and Jason, of Bif Bang Pow toys, became my friends in a way. We were all born around the same time, we all have most of the same likes, and the conversations that they have about things from our past are always entertaining. I’ve been in contact with these two gentlemen, and they always have the time to respond. I don’t agree with them on everything but that is what is cool, since I am not a fan of living in an echo-chamber. They’ve even turned me onto thing that I never considered getting into. Brian puts out a magazine called Toy Ventures, named after his YouTube segments that deal with the best old toys out there. I collect vicariously through Brian. If you start, pick an episode subject that you dig, such as Micronauts, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Christmas… etc. They are notorious for straying from the subject matter but that is the charm of the show, and it feels like an actual conversation.

Camera Set (70s)
Chatter Phone (61)
Astronaut (79)
Coloring Book

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