Godzilla / ゴジラ: The Animated Series 1970s Godzilla Museum Statue

The Godzilla: The Animated Series 1970s Godzilla Museum Statue by Mondo is a thing of beauty. It takes me back to 1975 when I would watch this giant green nuclear lizard each Saturday morning. This limited-edition statue, based off of the iconic series from the 1970s, Mondo took out all of the stops to evoke the series’ look and feel, with its full cel-like line art and paint application, painstakingly realized by sculptor Tufan Sezer, designer and painter Hector Arce, and package designer Mike Bonanno.

Disclaimer: I get store credit from Entertainment Earth for every item purchased via affiliate link. Why store credit? That’s how I set up my account when I was collecting everything and had a place to house it all in. Now anything I “purchase” from EE either becomes a gift, is resold, or is one of those rare items that I attempt to make space for.


  1. “Godzilla! (dun-dun-duh-dah) Godzilla! (dun-dun-duh-dah) Godzilla! (dun-dun-duh-dah)… and Godzoooookyyyyyyyyy.” What a great looking statue. Now I’m gonna have that theme in my head for at least two weeks… which isn’t a bad thing.

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