Star Wars: The Wilderness Years

I call these the “Wild West Days” of Star Wars. There was nothing but holes to fill since there was only a film and a little more in the novel plus the radio play. We all were left to our own imagination as to what Star Wars was. The comics showed us that there were no limits to the story. Those days between Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back were the best. No style guides. No rules. Just fun!

After being forced to downsize in 2020, I parted with much of my Star Wars collection, but I decided to use that as an opportunity to focus on the Star Wars that meant more to me… pre-Empire. The days where the ongoing adventures were Bantha Poodoo crazy, and many of them came from my own creativity. It made something that was difficult into something that was far more enjoyable.

The Star Wars Holiday Special is a great example of the “anything goes” attitude from those wonderful days.
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