My First New Teen Titans Comic

My First New Teen Titans Comic
The New Teen Titans No. Four

My first New Teen Titans comic was issue number four from 1981. The fabulous confrontational cover reeled me in, the story set the hook… I was caught. Wolfman and Perez were a power-couple in the world of story weavers, they had me coming back for years. I quickly sought out the previous three issues and was a two-team kid at that point. I loved all comics, but the X-Men were my team. Now my team had company on my shelf of honor. My mind was blown when the two teams joined forces in a cross-over book in “Prestige” format shortly after the NTT appearance on the spinner racks. After the Judas Contract, the book became Tales of the New Teen Titans. That was the beginning of the end for me. The book became a secondary title since a new series for the New Teen Titans was launch, but this time it was printed on “Baxter” paper thus creating the sense that there was an added value. It was a great storyline, but the added value came with an added cost that I couldn’t keep up with, thus I slowly faded out of the title. Both books eventually died off. Who knows, perhaps they should have just bumped the price up on the original by a few cents and kept it going as is… I know I would have stuck around longer.

Camera Set (70s)
Chatter Phone (61)
Astronaut (79)
Coloring Book

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