Kamen Rider Black Sun to get Prime Treatment

This Autumn, Kamen Rider Black Sun to get Prime Treatment. I was pretty surprised to learn about this news. Tokusatsu seems to be going even more mainstream with the releases it is getting. While not deemed “Theater-Worthy”… yet; the west is on track for embracing Kaiju, Sentai, Henshin and Metal Heroes on their original Japanese terms. Despite some of the goofier moments that some of these shows tend to contain, they are finding new life and that is allowing for these new iterations of the older characters to be developed for a more adult audience, without losing their original charm.

You may, or may not, notice a familiar look to the character designs. If you watched Saban’s Masked Rider series in the 1990s then you are noticing those similarities. I am more of a Kamen Rider Black / Kamen Rider Black RX fan and that is what the Masked Rider Show was taken from. The design aesthetic of that show was incredible, and I am really digging how they took those designs in an organic direction.

Old School Shadow Moon v Kamen Rider Black

I am looking forward to watching this next Kamen Rider program on Amazon Prime (despite how I feel about the parent company), and you might want too as well.

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    I really like Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX and I’ve always thought their outfits were fantastic. I must admit that I’m concerned about the costumes in this reboot and why there’s a need to change perfection so drastically. However, I’ll see if I can find a copy when it’s released. I’m curious how Minami Kotaro will be portrayed.

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