First Impressions of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

My first impressions of Ms. Marvel, streaming now. At least the first episode… I adore the young actor who portrays Kamala, she is fresh and adorably fun. Her sense of humor matches my own and she has a struggle as one of the uncool, nerdy kids… which I can relate to. The way her powers are inherited and played out on screen is really cool as well. It seems that Marvel is a tad bit Inhumans shy about the whole Terrigen Mist thing. The whole “elastic” superhero type wears thin on me, and I am not much of a fan. There should only be two of that sort of hero types, Mr. Fantastic and Plastic Man… sorry Elongated man, you should stick to being a detective. I didn’t like Ms. Marvel’s power set when she was introduced, but this version really is a nice new take on that elastic ability.

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