Doc’s Ultraman / ウルトラマン Variants

Yes, I am an Ultraman fan. Ultraman is one of my earliest memories. From time to time I enjoy retooling the characters to my own designs. It’s fun and I just use each one as a way to keep my digital pen sharp and experiment with different rendering techniques.

Ultraman Spartan

Ultraman Spartan has a burgundy and gold color motif. I wanted a simple design that was more my style. I wasn’t too satisfied, so I went back to the digital drawing board.

Ultraman Spartan: Powered Up

US2.0 sports a more Greek style helmet, but the rest is just the same. I also wanted to have this character create an energy spear and shield as his primary weapons. No rays, streams, beams or anything else of that sort.

Ultra-Bat 3.0

I move on, or back to, an older idea of a mash-up between Ultraman and Batman. This one, I hope, has the feel of the old television suit from the 1960s. My idea was to meld the Batman 66′ program with the original Ultraman. He can grow to fight Kaiju or shrink to combat thugs. He doesn’t fly but he travels around on a flying motorcycle in his human size form. His energy weapons take the form of energy bats.

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