Atomic Pulp Media Presents…

There’s been a new comic book imprint in town, and I’ve been greedy by not sharing it more. Atomic Comics has a wonderful Bronze-Age feel to the stories it tells. The writer, Christopher Mills, has the ability to tell a great story at a nice pace. I’ve been a fan since his Perils on Planet X comics from a few years ago. The public domain characters he’s taken on have really been a treat to read and I cannot wait until the next drop this Summer. Check out all of Atomic Pulp’s comics on IndyPlanet

Sleuth Comics

A macabre menace stalks disco crime boss Marco Caine, and only the caped and cowled crime buster known as the Black Owl can save him from “The Scream of the Silent Skull!”

Space Crusaders

A strange, alien sphere is on a collision course with Earth, and only Rex Dexter of Mars and his companion Cynde can stop it!


Space Crusaders

When Spacehawk’s friend is killed by the galactic warlord Morlok Kaan, the Superhuman enemy of Crime sets out on a very personal mission of vengeance!

Savage Sagas

In the time known as the Age Primeval, a mighty axe-wielding warrior wanders his savage world, trying to live down his legend. But he is Crom, the Unthroned King, and he cannot escape his destiny!

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