Better. Stronger. Faster. The Six Million Dollar Man.

If you speak French, check out the original post where these images come from at Screentoyz. It looks like the author goes into detail about when each of these items were released.

Before Star Wars. Before Micronauts. After G.I. Joe Adventure Team… we had The Six Million Dollar Man. Based on the hit 1973 television program, Kenner released a toy line in 1975. The line consisted of Col. Steve Austin, with several vehicles, accessories and playsets. The likeness of the head sculpt to Lee Majors is uncanny. Along with those we also got Oscar Goldman, Mask-a-Tron, and Bionic Big Foot. I would also consider Jamie Summers the Bionic Woman to be a part of the line as well, even though she was marketed separately for obvious reasons that really have no standing now in a collector’s atmosphere. Her foe, the Fem-Bot, is probably one of the best bad-guy dolls out there. I do consider both lines dolls. If it has accessories plus outfits that can be swapped out and is basically nude without said outfits… it’s a doll in my book. So yes, I fully admit that I played with dolls when I was a child… and now too I guess 😉

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