Children of the Atom

The Children of the Atom are a group of young vigilantes, they’re comprised of Cherub, Cyclops-Lass, Gimmick, and the brothers Marvel Guy and Daycrawler.

Honestly, I’ve been sleeping on this title. I read the collection and it is a fresh take on new heroes. Once I put aside my old-man “ughh… this isn’t MY X-Men” bullshit, I really got into the story. Quickly, I grew to like these characters and actually care about them. They had a secret, but it isn’t mine to tell… you’ll have to find out for yourselves. There are still many questions that remain to be answered but I can wait patiently for more of their story to unfold. This is coming from a guy who owns the original X-Men #1 and all of Cockrum/Byrne through Lee and more run… check out Children of the Atom. It’s a good story and it’s left me wanting more.

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