Star Wars Burger Chef Posters Ad

Burger Chef never existed in my neck of the woods, but we had Burger King. I was more excited about the drinking glasses than the poster offer. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even aware of the posters. To be fair, I was seven. Had I known, I would have been clamoring for the whole set. As I’ve said before, 1977 – 1979 were the halcyon wild west days of Star Wars. We had a few books, a radio program, comics and television holiday special to supplement the film. Apart from those, many of which were bonkers, we had our imaginations. Not knowing, and filling in the blanks how we saw fit was so much fun. Things like these posters would keep the magic alive every time you glanced at them hanging on your walls.


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    The Vintage Toy Advertiser says:

    I love these promotions, and interesting to see how quickly the Star Wars brand took off around the globe in those early days. In France (I think Germany too) they had a similar set of glasses but containing mustard, I managed to complete that set a few years back. In the UK I remember Star Wars cheese spread and yoghurts. I think in the US they had cereals among so many other premiums. There were so many promos worldwide, it can be a collector’s dream now.

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