Aurora, A Hobby for Everybody

Today I want to reflect on the old-school model kits by Auroroa. Before we had screen or page accurate toys that we could just pull out of the packaging and get our play on with, there were model kits. While even these were limited, they were far better than most of the rack toys that were available to the majority of kids back in the 60s and 70s. I can recall getting the Aurora Godzilla model and working for hours on it. Now being subtle with glue and paints were very foreign concepts to me as a seven-year-old… thus most of my model work was muddy and was a bit disappointing as a final product. Even as an artist, I will not touch a model to this day after my childhood experiences. Most of my modeling after my major fails just centered on crafting the model, using a few of the water-slide decals, and calling it a day without any paint whatsoever. So, I guess I am reminiscing more about the idea of Aurora models and less about my experience in the assembly of those products.

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