Dear Disney Plus…

So Disney Plus has this thing where anything that has even the slightest bit of buzz is tossed to their development arm to get the Spin-Off treatment. There is talk about a Scarlet Scarab spin-off out of Moon Knight. I am here to say that not everything needs a spin-off. No, really. Let things stand on their own merit. Let us enjoy what we have without the instant gratification machine pumping out more content than any person can consume.

I am from a time when we got what we got and we either took it or left it. We didn’t whine because something didn’t go the way we thought it should have. We waited years for something to come out if we even knew it was going to come out. There were times when things just showed up and we were surprised.

I guess my point is that you can introduce an awesome character in a program but you don’t have to build an entire show around that character just to cash in. Having said that… I will watch these shows, when I can, just to see if they are any good. To be honest, I expect Ahsoka to knock it out of the park, and for Agatha Harkness to have a bite to it.

I don’t expect all the shows to hit one hundred percent every time. Boba Fett didn’t seem to land for a lot of folks, but I was entertained. Is it something that I’ll watch repeatedly, probably not. I’ve watched the Mandalorian a few times and it still holds up. Would I be up for a Book of Boba Fett season two? Sure, why not. It had some good moments and I am always on board for that.

So, I would rather see a Hawkeye season two with the new Hawkeye and perhaps a bit of Young Avengers development, instead of Echo getting her own series. It would be fun to have Agatha Harkness team up with Loki in season two of Loki, instead of developing a series with her as the central character. Wanda/Vision along with Falcon and the Winter Soldier were perfect One-and-Done seasons. A Moon Knight team up with Scarlet Scarab would be more fun to watch than just a solo series of her own. Let the character grow a bit more before tossing her to the rabid fandom.

These are just my opinions, you may see things differently and that is great. Like I said… if they upload it, I will watch it. I think they know not everything will hit, and if that is the business model that they can afford then fine. The glut of shows just gets tiresome. It makes me sort of glad that the CW is retiring some of their titles.


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