Let’s Talk About Gold Key Comics

Like the narrator, my opinions of Gold Key Comics were rather low as a child. It wasn’t until my later years that I developed an appreciation of the line. While I cannot point to any singular issue or series as being a stand-out for me, I dig many of the concepts at a higher level. I do remember Battle of the Planets being a point of excitement for a younger me, but the execution of the art and stories were not the best quality. I don’t agree with 100% of FizzFop’s remarks but he dives deep into the origins of Gold Key Comics and has a ton of historical information that is fascinating.


  1. The Sovereigns series that Dynamite put out featuring some classic Gold Key characters had an okay story but great art. Then it spun into a pretty cool series of reboots which I quite enjoyed. I’d love if more comic lines did a Sovereigns style reboot/refresh of their universe. Just give creators free reign on some established characters and watch them go nuts. Dynamite’s Gold Key Alliance was pretty fun too, though I remember that one as well.

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