What’s Next for Marvel’s Moon Knight?

What’s next for Marvel’s Moon Knight? Well if Mohamed Diab has anything to say about it a feature film is on his wish list. According the “The Wrap” he would love to have the chance to make Moon Knight into a film. “Maybe join someone from the Marvel Universe so it’s like partnering up with someone else or being a part of another journey.” Diab said.

I mean, where do we go from here. The introduction of the Scarlet Scarab and a giant kaiju battle in Cairo, that sixth episode was some next level insanity and I am still here for it. Moon Knight is versatile enough to be a street level vigilante to a cosmic level hero and if they choose to pair him with anybody he should fit in well enough. I would love to see the character movie into a film more than I want to see a season two. Either way, what ever we get I’ll enjoy

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