My 52nd Trip Around Our Star

Today I spent my time doing what I wanted to do. Oddly enough that didn’t involve art of any kind. OK, I did create two variations of an older design on my TeePublic shop but nothing too involved. While posting new items to my Ebay account and Etsy account, I watched some great movies and shows.

My first stop was to a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. I have a copy of the original release and it was just fun to recite the movie along with the actors.

Next I just had to play the Holiday Special. It’s a train wreck in slow motion full of talented people who are giving it their all, and I appreciate that. It’s one of those things that I unabashedly love and I enjoy admitting it

Directly after SW:THS I dove into the dark end of the pool and watched Batman (2022). It was a solid film, but it could have used a bit more editing for pacing. I think I could have gone with Tim Burton’s Batman and had a lot more fun, plus it would have given me an extra hour for something else.

After some Netflix shows like Arrow, the Flash, and Legacies I tucked Mrs. Multiverse in and fired up a Kung Fu classic from Shaw Brothers… Challenge of the Masters!

That is how I spent my 52nd trip around our local star.


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