Black Adam: Setting the Record Straight

I guess there are some who are questioning why the main character in a “Superhero” film is killing people. This is true to the character. Black Adam is not a Superhero. Black Adam, or Teth Adam, is an antihero. He is basically a god, a brutal and quick-tempered god. Teth Adam has gone through a bit of an evolution as a character and while doing evil for evil’s sake, then doing evil for good’s sake, he does what ever he deems necessary to fulfil his sense of justice. The protector of Kahndaq, he will do what ever needs doing to safeguard his kingdom. While he continually attempts to make up for his past doings, he will not hesitate to crush any who stand in his way. This is who the character is. He isn’t nice. He does what he does, unapologetically.

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