Marvel’s Batman: Nighthawk

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Kyle Richmond’s history in the pages of Marvel has been somewhat complicated. Being in the main continuity proper and also in parallel earth as a Batman allegory, he’s been all over the map. A villain, a hero, no matter which he’s been interesting. It wasn’t until a later retooling that he became far more interesting for me. The “Supreme Powers” is even closer to being Batman sans cape. Although his current iteration is really striking a note with me. Coming from an alternate reality engineered by Mephisto, Kyle made it into the Marvel Universe proper when that altered reality was corrected. Heroes Reborn had its issues but I enjoyed it overall. I am ready to see how well Nighthawk does in the market. Will we see a solo series or even a film adaptation? I am ready to see how this shakes out.

For more on Nighthawk, check out: The newest Avenger Nighthawk – the strange history of Marvel’s Batman.

This newer Nighthawk really forces an older character from Marvel’s “Distinguished Competition”, Blackwing…

First Appearance Wonder Woman #283


  1. Supreme Universe Nighthawk is one of my favorite designs on the character, but there’s something about that purple and gold version we saw in Aaron’s Avengers run and the Heroes Reborn (2021) event. It just tickles my senses. Great stuff!

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