Netflix Needs to Change

Years ago I wrote about how Netflix needed to remove the option of binging from the platform. It’s not the best business plan to offer a show that they’ve invested so much money in producing to be viewed all in one sitting. They’re hemorrhaging quality content on short attention spans. Binging is neither fun nor is it particularly healthy. If you have a show that attracts a certain group of viewers to your platform but you only release that show weekly for eight to twelve weeks, then you have customers for over two months. Your next challenge is to simply release something else that will keep those eyes on your service for a few months after that. Rinse and repeat. It’s difficult work, but you get more out of your initial investment out of that first program you produced. It’s NOT rocket surgery. So, Netflix, change or fade into obscurity. The pond was once yours alone, now there are bigger fish who are playing the game smarter. It may not be what your users all want, but weekly show drops are what you’ll need to survive in this new world that you had created.

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