Return of the Queen?

Is there a Green Arrow Rebirth on the horizon? Never say never. It seems that Stephen Amell is looking for a way back into the television universe that he helped bring into existence. Is this a sign that his current projects are not as fulfilling or successful? At this point the only Arrowverse show that I go out of my way to watch is “Superman and Lois”. It’s among a handful of weekly programs that I look forward to. The Flash left me behind, chocking on its dust, and that’s ok… it was the first to fully embrace the bat-shit crazy comic origins and sensibilities.

The difficulty with Arrow, now, is that there are so many meta heroes and threats out there that it limits what Oliver can accomplish. If you bring him back to a street level hero, or even an underworld vigilante with superhero contacts it could really work well. I would like to see a “Hard Traveling Hero” Oliver Queen, liberal AF and always fighting for a the little guy.

So what do you think? Should CW spring forth and jump all over Stephen’s willingness to return to the roll that ushered in a new era in Superhero television? Should we just move on to the next thing and not look back? Do you care either way? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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