Arion: Lord of Atlantis

Wikipedia Entry: In the DC Universe, Arion is a heroic demigod in the Aquaman version of Atlantis, serving as a member of the fictional group of cosmic entities known as the Lords of Chaos and Order aligned with the latter. The character’s historical exploits, skills as a wizard, and ties to the Atlantean pantheon make him a revered historical figure as both a former ruler and a progenitor of the cultural roots of the Homo magi race and their descendants, the Atlanteans. Even after the fall of the mythological continent, the character survived its fall and continued to act as a hero in the modern age, frequently depicted as an ally of Aquaman, Power Girl, and the Justice League of America. After the reality-altering events of Flashpoint, changes were made to the character, instead of casting him as an ancestor to Atlantis’s royal monarchs’ characters such as Aquaman, Queen Atlanna, and Ocean Master. His background also includes him being a genius scientist responsible for both advancements in Atlantis’s magic and technology.

In no reality did I think I would be recounting my early days of being a fan of A:LoA, yet here we are. Arion came back into my thoughts when Young Justice brought him back and named him one of the many children of Vandal Savage. It was a really cool addition to the lore and thus tying even more of the universe together. The story was a bit deep then what I was used to reading. At least with the New Teen Titans, and the Uncanny X-Men, I was given time to get into the stories and lore. Not being really familiar with Warlord comics, I didn’t have the time to fully grasp the comings and goings of that world. As a twelve year old, I loved the concept of the book, the character designs and the idea of Atlantis having tales to tell before it fell into the ocean. I didn’t stick around too long, but I still have fond memories of the excitement for a new title and being the for it on the ground floor.

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