The Witness: A Story Idea

The Witness. I came up with this story about seven years ago. Since I am not a writer I never put it down on paper and it doesn’t lend itself to a comic character. So now here we are… I am putting it out there. I still like the idea, and it could make for a good show.

When nobody was around to see who done “it”, often the smallest witnesses are over looked. The police dubbed Detective Jacklyn Holmes “The Witness” for her uncanny ability to solve the unsolvable murders. She arrives on the crime scene and makes obvious observations of the murder victim all while moving about the area secretly looking for a a pet, or even a rodent living in the walls. You see, she can see what the animal saw. Through their eyes, Jacklyn can witness the entire crime. Her “gift” has some limitations… reptiles are more difficult for her to get through to, fish have a limited memory, and in some cases she can view what larger arachnids see but translating the imagery of multiple eyes gives her a migraine.

Again… I am not a writer. I don’t pretend to be one. This is a high level concept that I wanted to share.

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