Catching up with Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois on the CW… well via app in my case. It’s a great show! With the glut of shows to watch, Mrs. Multiverse and I fell out of this one when it went on hiatus during the first season. We restarted it recently and really have been enjoying ourselves. It adds a whole new dimension to the Man of Steel and his relationship with his kids, Lois and her father. Lois isn’t just there to be saved every episode either. She shows up and doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

A few years ago, DC comics release a mini series called Superman: Lois and Clark, which seems to be a partial framework for this concept.

The program is a nice blend of character development, action, and family dynamics. For a long while, Legends of Tomorrow was my go to show from the “Arrowverse” now it’s Superman and Lois, hands down. Honestly for a tv show budget and the amount of programing that these DC based shows pump out, it’s quite amazing. There is a smattering of the “Arrowverse” in the show, but it is light. Also the show includes Lex Luthor, although it’s not the Lex you would expect… and he takes another name about half way through the first season. Coming from another world in the multiverse, Lex witnessed a totalitarian fascist Superman who murdered Lois, his wife, and all but destroyed his Earth. Great stuff!

Spawning from Supergirl, another well done show that I had faded out of by the third season, Tyler Hoechlin does a great job as the Last Son of Krypton. I would rank him as one of my top four favorites Kal-Els. 1. Chris R. 2. Henry C. 3. Tyler H. 4. Brandon R.

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