Relocating Yet Again

After the dumpster fire that was 2020, we’ve had to move into a trailer. There was much downsizing that was done, and I am just a few items shy of being fully digital. It’s all been a learning experience and after all the loss most of us have collectively had over the past twenty two months, the new normal of not having much has grown on me.

So our move will not be far… still in Grants Pass, OR. We couldn’t stay where we are, and have been waiting for a new park to be opened to live in. You see, we also had fires wipe out whole towns here in Southern Oregon and all of the Trailer Parks filled up. It was nice that some of those parks immediately began price gouging. Having lost my job due to the pandemic, we couldn’t afford any open slots before the gouging. Or new park is small, and the owner doesn’t believe that taking advantage of the less advantaged is a good thing. Something we are thankful for.

Anyhow, we won’t have internet right away but I will have cell service. There won’t be any art or blog uploads but at least I can stay in contact. Another thing to be thankful for.

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