The Destroyer in TN Perkins Style

Destroyer I just wanted to do a piece that isn't product centric this evening. This is the WWII hero, the Destroyer from Timely Comics. He's done in the TN Perkins' style. Once this upcoming move is over, I hope to get back to doing a few more art projects for just my enjoyment, and growth. [...]

My Mighty Isis, JoAnna Cameron, has Passed Away at 70

This took me by surprise. I still bear my six year old's crush on JoAnna, who stared at the titular hero in "The Secret of Isis" in the mid 70s. She was one of my first loves; I don't mind saying that my heart is a wee-bit broken now.

Syd Mead Art Appreciation

Syd Mead Please join me in some Syd Mead appreciation. This fabulous futurist from the not so far flung past is an inspiration for some of the best Sci-Fi put into our eyeballs. Unfortunately, Syd is now gone but he'll never be forgotten.