Downton Abbey Nerd

So, let’s talk about a show that we have watched over and over again. Mrs. Multiverse and I have probably watched the entire series through at least ten times over. I know. I am as shocked by this revelation as you are! It’s not my normal fare. Far from it. Yet here I am. I am a Downton Abbey Nerd.

Downton Abbey was just something that my life mate would watch regularly. As time wore on I began to pay attention to it, then become entwined in the story. Now I consider it somewhat of a comfort program to put on when I don’t want to make a decision about what to watch. Sometimes it’s once per evening, while others I’ll just let three or four episodes roll at a time.

It’s a good story, although the characters are not entirely consistent. From time to time we discuss how a character is acting out of character, or how they are written well in how their growth has progressed.

There is a bit of buzz about the impending second movie that has been dubbed “A New Era” and moved from a release in December 2021 to March 2022. I am stocked to catch up on the Crawly family… it’s still funny to me that I feel like that. It’s not a lifestyle I long for, and watching a group of wealthy folks doing wealthy folk things is something that I avoid… but the stories are compelling and Allen Leech’s “Tom Branson” represents my voice well enough to where I feel somewhat represented.

The name of my game is the “Multiverse” and thus there is room for just about everything. That’s how I roll, and it opens my world up to so many different things.


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